HOOPWEST 2018 will be taking place once again at the beautiful Al-Azhar Shrine Event Centre, 5225 101 St NW, Calgary, AB.

Event begins Friday, October 19, 2018 at 5pm and concludes Sunday, October 21, 2018 at 6pm.


Let’s all have an amazing weekend together!

Please wear your name tag somewhere that other hoopers can see it. Community connection is one of the key elements we want to achieve with HoopWest!

Please put all extra hoops, bags, coats etc in the chill room (located upstairs), not around the perimeter of the workshop rooms. This will maximize the space we can use for hooping!

Stretch! Stay hydrated! Listen to your body.

If you take photos or videos of your hooper pals, please check with them to make sure it is ok BEFORE you post online.

Tell us if you see something that needs our attention! Our volunteers are happy to help.


RULE #1: You don’t have to do every workshop. Remember to listen to your body and go at the pace that feels right for you! The HoopWest schedule is PACKED but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all!

RULE #2: PLEASE respect workshop leaders and do not chat in the back of the class, whether you’re taking the class or not. If you want to chat, please move to the chill room. Our volunteers will give you a gentle reminder if they observe chatter during workshops.


Tickets for HoopWest do not include accommodations. If people would like to connect for room sharing please see the Facebook event page – HoopWest

If people are coming from Calgary and feel they could host out of towners please post on the HoopWest event page, or contact info@hoopwest.ca.

Other options:


Meals are not provided with your HoopWest pass, and we recommend that you pack a healthy lunch and snacks to keep your motor running throughout each day. The venue is beautiful but slightly remote in terms of nearby local restaurants, so it is not recommended that you plan to leave the site during lunch breaks, but rather plan to relax and enjoy a bagged lunch on the patio with the rest of the gang!

HoopWest has opportunities for volunteers! Check out the volunteer page to sign up.