Based on the North American West Coast, Ariel Amara has been performing for nearly 15 years as a Hooper, Fire Dancer, Clown and Stilt Walker. With a twinkle of an eye, she is known for inspiring childlike joy, mischief and more… Ariel began dancing in circles, sometimes on fire, in her teens in the early 2000’s, inspired by the then rising hoop stars and events such as Hoop Camp in Santa Cruz. After dropping out of college to pursue circus arts, she found her way to clown school instead where her real passions lay. She is continuously feeding this passion for performance with trainings such as Balance and Challange theatre training, the Global Stilt Congress, Laughter Yoga and ‘Lead With Love’ yoga teacher trainings. This wide range of experience and teachings have helped her develop a broad perspective and understanding of people, play and mentorship. Ariel is a regular performer in Vancouver and has also performed abroad with Spark Circus. She is excited to keep learning, growing and spreading the circus love. Most recently she has taught and fun-silli-tated at a variety of private events and workshops such as Pacific Fire Gathering, Hoop Convergence, Madskillz, Circus Fest and the Moon Festival.

Workshop: Odd Hooping

Odd Hooping – Next level Hooping for the Adventurous Time to experiment and play! Are you a tired of the prop plateau? Expanding beyond the traditional and common, the ordinary of the extraordinary. We will play with hooping that is a bit ridiculous, like we are a little drunk on the hoop love. Ranging from odd parts of the body, hands free, hands on, strange transitions, unusual tosses, fancy feet and other fun explorations to help us discover possibilities! Because of the wonderful weird nature of this class, each time is completely different!