Deep in the night sky lies a collection of sparkling lights wheeling and orbiting around the universe. A loose smattering of stars on the backdrop of infinity, spinning sacred geometry for all the world to see.

That sublime conglomeration of light is the one and only Ursa Minor, a whirling hoopstress descended from the heavens to hypnotize crowds and students wherever her celestial winds blow.

Here on Earth, Ursa Minor performs and teaches as two sides of the same coin. The truest spirit of art strives for unbridled connection between performer and audience, and the give and take of teaching and learning informs every stage performance Ursa Minor enacts.

Her glittering positivity and connective nature manifests itself in collaborations across the board of art and culture in her home of Western Canada. Deep in the grass roots of her community of circus and prop performers, she thrives and grows with any and every performer willing to share their time and love of circus.