Toronto, Ontario resident, Amy MacCutchan (aka: HooperSonic) wandered this earth for over 30 years prior to discovering the magic of plastic circles. One day, at a hoop jam in a local park, she was introduced to her new passion! Since that day in 2011, Amy has been working to craft not only her personal hoop dance but also her instruction methods. She started her own company, HooperSonic, in 2015 and has since stepped into a leadership role within her local hoop community. While her passion has always been “on-body” hoop flow, she has been training her multi hooping and circus style skills over the past couple of years to add that extra “wow” factor to her performances. Amy works with children and adults year round to help sprinkle the joy of hula hooping all over Toronto and the surrounding areas! HooperSonic is all about empowerment, encouragement, and fantastic fun and she can’t wait to bring her teachings to you!