Lola Loops is a devoted Hula Hooper based out of Vancouver, BC. She is a passionate performer and travels in and around the Lower Mainland / Gulf Islands performing at Festivals and Unique Events.

Lola’s creative style incorporates her love of Dance, Yoga and a touch of spontaneous silliness. She draws inspiration from hip hop, jazz & dancehall styles to give her performances an added extra spice.

Lola has been practicing and performing hoop artistry for 6 years and has been teaching and facilitating workshops for 3 years. She has a passion in exploring new dance styles and body movements to incorporate into her hooping style.

Workshop: Exploring Barrel Rolls & The Vertical Plane

This workshop will explore on and off body hooping in the vertical plane. learn new fun combos that included Barrel Rolls, barrel breaks, & vertical hula hooping with 1 -& 2 hoops.