Hooping has helped Sadie find space to open up, create, and connect with friends and strangers. She began hooping in 2006 and seeded the Toronto hoop scene through Well Rounded Hoops, by teaching classes, wowing crowds and spreading sparkly circles across the globe. She ‘retired’ to Nelson in 2012 to spend more time with her favourite things: dancing, snails, and water.

Workshop: Exploring the Dance Floor Ecosystem

What makes a dance space come alive? We shape our dancefloor ecosystem, whether or not we realize it, so let’s make it vibrant, fluid, and fun! Through movement and play, we’ll find space for our unique dances while building a healthy, vibrant, and diverse space. We’ll communicate without words to seek connection or solitude. We’ll explore moving in our own space, moving with another and moving as a flock. This is a guided ecstatic dance workshop will participants will be moving however they feel moved to move, no technique or dance experience is required.