Taylor Duffrin, aka Taylor Flows, is an international hoop dance instructor and performer based in Milwaukee, WI. She began hooping in 2014 as a hobby and form of release, and within a few years hooping evolved into something so much more wonderful than anticipated. Taylor had her performance debut at Suwannee Hulaween 2015 and since then has performed at events and festivals all over the United States. After a few years of performing, Taylor dove into the world of teaching. Her first big teaching break was The Hula Hoop Institute’s Hoop Dream Retreat in Malaysia in 2017. Since then Taylor has taught at Rendez v’Hoop Paris, the JamHoop’s Jamboree events in Colorado, and will be teaching at the Alpine Hoop Retreat in 2019. Hooping has been one of the biggest catalysts for happiness and transformation in Taylor’s life and her goal is to share that with others through teaching and playing. There is  nothing more rewarding to Taylor than cultivating those “ah-hah!” moments with students and helping them do something they once thought they couldn’t.