Veronica Lovell is a hula-hoop artist, hoop coach, and reiki healer based out of Calgary, AB, Canada. With her love & passion for Reiki & holistic healing, Veronica gracefully combines & intertwines her knowledge and gift as a reiki healer directly into the hoop movements and practices that she teaches.

As a hoop coach with ‘Hootie Hoops!’ she is inspires others to support their wellbeing through the magic and love of the hoop! Using the instructor & performer name ‘Buddhihoops’, Veronica is using the hula-hoop as a vessel to reach others with in order to explore the healing powers that the hoop provided her with!

Workshop: Partner Hooping! (Buddhihoops & Wolfflow)

In this partner hooping workshop, we will get up close and personal and have some fun with each other while we explore the magical world of partner hooping! Using both single and double hoops, this workshop will include visually appealing moves, transitions & tosses that we will play will, in partners!