The Wonderful World of Weaves: an Introduction

In this introduction into the Wonderful World of Weaves we will explore numerous weave patterns by working on our timing, planes, and range of motion. Whether you are just beginning your doubles journey or are looking to level up your twin hoop game – this is the workshop for you! The focus for this class will be on building a strong base of windmills, 2 beat and 3 beat weaves (forwards/backwards), as well as hugger/crosser weaves with lots of fun variations along the way! We will be utilizing twin hoops as well as swing/spin flags to learn and fine tune our weaves. The skills you acquire here will bring a new freedom of movement and flow to your doubles spinning. By the end of this class you will have learned a 2 beat fountain and will have all the building blocks that are necessary to tackle the 3 beat fountain!

*This weave class can also be taught primarily with swing/spin flags