• By far one of the most well run and organized hoop events I’ve been to. The perfect balance of tech, flow and movement work shops. The venue was amazing and provided the perfect backdrop for hoop videos and photos. The organizers did such a great job and the volunteers really pulled it together. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so included and welcomed and loved in a space like this.
  • Hoopwest is a fantastic festival! The organization, location, schedule and quality of workshops are all absolutely impeccable. I had an excellent time, learned so many skills, made new friends and so much more. Hoopwest is a fun, encouraging and unpretentious environment to learn flow arts for beginner, intermediate and professional flow arts. Thank you so much!!
  • I love this community¬†
  • Was really impressed with the inclusive vibe, top notch teachers and beautiful location. Would definitely go back to Hoop West and recommend to others. Worth the travel.
  • The beautiful flowarts community is Alberta is so welcoming, talented and kind that it should be a coveted experience to go and spend a weekend with them. Carla, Kelly and Jenn have really created something special here. Go to level up your hoop skills but also to feel the warm and loving embrace of community.